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Jonathan Shearer

One of Scotland’s most exciting, expressive artists, Jonathan moved to the Highlands with his family when he was 11, having been brought up in the suburbs of London. He felt a deep connection immediately with the Scottish landscape
and its vast skies, sea and the weather. After studying at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, he spent some time in Cyprus as a post graduate student, before returning to Scotland to become a full-time artist.

Jonathan loves to paint the majority of his work on location 'en plein air'. Despite the challenges this presents in terms of the preparation required and in dealing with the elements, he thrives on
the exhilaration and physical sensation of being out in the wilds of Scotland, whether it be experiencing a storm first-hand or losing himself in the remoteness. As a result, his paintings have a real raw quality that convey the texture and
physicality of the Highland landscape and what is happening in that moment. Something he feels he is unable to achieve through working from photographs. His pieces are always
based on a true experience of his excursions, no matter how abstract or expressive they become.

"My hope is that my paintings capture the sense of place, such as the unique quality of light and the physical nature of the landscape, a sort of poetry of place."

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