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Robin Fox

Robin is a full time, self-taught sculptor.
Following twenty one years in rural Scotland, where he embarked on his sculpting career, Robin and family relocated to the market town of Hexham in Northumberland in 2015. This move enabled Robin to concentrate full time on his passion for sculpting.

Robin works in mixed media. Each sculpture is unique and hand built with no casting involved. Robin uses a diverse variety of materials, including epoxy clay, metal fillers, dyed silver leaf, heather root, native hardwoods and natural stone.

Much of Robin's inspiration is attributed to a connection with nature and respect for the rural environment. His subject matter reveals his love of nature and features birds, animals, and flora, all in a quirky style. Robin places emphasis on movement, expression, posture, and mannerisms in his work and he uses dynamic surface finishes to add to his distinctive style.
Each piece has a distinctive makers mark in the form of a seal with an embossed robin, typically stamped onto the base.

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