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Chris Buck

Chris Buck

'Most of the work I produce is pure abstract and sand cast in bronze. I can generally visualise the finished piece the moment I start working with what will eventually become the pattern. This may be wood, cardboard, cloth, plaster, resin or whatsoever comes to hand. For me the evolution of a piece is an organic process. There is no planning or drawing. Rarely am I aware of what the trigger for an idea was; perhaps something glimpsed somewhere or a long forgotten find. I surround myself with found objects; the studio is full of treasures of all kinds, everything from cuttlefish to scrap metal. As soon as the casting arrives from the foundry, I work through all the finishing processes, grinding, filing, texturing, patinating, polishing and finally mounting. This usually takes several days and during this time I play with ideas for the next piece.

It still gives me a real thrill and sense of achievement to have a finished sculpture in front of me. To finally see the contrast between t... [more]

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