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Karen Mcmillan

Karen Mcmillan

Karen lives and works in Edinburgh and bases herself at Coburg House Studios in Leith. Whilst studying at Edinburgh College of Art Karen developed a range of work using predominantly resin and acrylic. Colour and pattern are very important aspects of her work.

Inspired by the linear shapes found in nature and a love of Japanese pattern, Karen enjoys the simplicity of repeating one element as a method of construction.

Contrasting colours and shapes play key roles in her work and breaking from conventional uses of pattern as a surface ornament, the pattern often becomes the piece and predicts the eventual outline.

Most of Karens' recent work involves inlaying pattern into resin or just a simple line, giving the quality of a drawn line. This body of work involves mould making and casting, then using techniques such as saw piercing, filing and laborious sanding, the inlaid pattern is revealed.

Karen produces colourful bold pieces including earrings, necklaces, bangles... [more]

Karen Mcmillan Tapered Line Oval Drop Earrings

Karen Mcmillan

Tapered Line Oval Drop Earrings


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