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Stanley Bird

Stanley Bird is a Scottish artist based in Glasgow. After pursuing a successful career in law, Stanley returned to painting and is now taking his life in a new artistic direction. He works with a bold palette to create exciting images of the natural world - mainly birds, other animals, and trees - images that seize the imagination and that people can relate to.

Although he could be described as 'self-taught', for several years Stanley attended evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art to improve his technique, to widen his experience of making art, and to stimulate the creative processes. Stanley works mainly in acrylics and mixed media on board and on canvas - but he will use whatever he needs to make sure he captures that elusive image.

Stanley's work ranges from larger scale representational paintings and portraits of animals - bulls, cows, sheep, pigs, deer, horses - both in monochrome and colour - to smaller more intimate, mixed media paintings of those and other animals.

He has been working recently on paintings of birds, exotic and otherwise, against bold flat colourful backgrounds and a series of 'dug-shots' - characterful portraits of 'Man's best friend'.

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