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Kirsty Eaglesfield

After successfully completing her 1st class honours degree at Edinburgh College of Art in 2008, Kirsty then went on to work in Schoonhoven, Holland on the Silver in Motion Program for a year. She worked as an Artist in Residence at Edinburgh College of Art until August 2010 and has now moved into her own workshop in Edinburgh. Recent exhibitions include British Silver Week 2010 in London, Objects of Light at the Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen and Contemporary Silver at the V&A, part of the London Design Festival at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Awards include a Craft Maker Funding Award from the City of Edinburgh Council in partnership with the Scottish Arts Council and a Silver Award at the Craft & Design Selected Awards 2010.

Kirsty's work is inspired by the way the sea weathers and erodes objects changing their form, colour and texture. Tumbled piles of fish crates, old buoys, pieces of sea-washed glass, driftwood and the construction and shapes of boats are all central to her work as a silversmith. Used, worn objects and the way they have been patched-up and repaired, often modified for a use different to the object's original purpose also inspire her. She works primarily in silver and wood, often incorporating pieces of scavenged, collected flotsam, and enjoys exploring the different ways each material can be worked with, textured, formed and treated to convey a sense of the sea.Her work includes; cutlery, vessels, jugs and silver boxes all designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. She has also designed some jewellery pieces which follow the same inspirations and aesthetics as her silverware.

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