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Previous Exhibitions

20th March - 18th April 2021

Jonathan Shearer Autumn into Winter

With the gallery premises still closed, we are continuing with our programme of exhibitions as planned online. This exhibition will be our first big Solo show of the year featuring over 50 new pieces by acclaimed artist Jonathan Shearer based on his experiences in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands.

Jonathan is a hugely talented artist who skillfully uses the paint to create highly textured, dynamic works which have an abstract quality. He looks to portray a moment in time with his works, spending days at a time immersing himself in the outdoors to give you the viewer a sense of actually being there and experiencing the beauty of the landscape.


13th February - 14th March 2021

2021 Spring Mixed Exhibition


21st November 2020 - 5th February 2021

The Winter Show 2020


17th October - 15th November 2020

Ron Lawson 2020

We're thrilled to welcome Ron back to the gallery for his 3rd solo show with us and his only exhibition in 2020. Unable to go back to his beloved Highlands and Islands, Ron has travelled back to some of his favourite places through his painting. As part of this exhibition Ron is pushing new boundaries with his painting to exhibit a series of monochrome pieces for the first time.

On Saturday 17th October, we will be operating an appointment system. You are more than welcome to attend without an appointment, however, we may need you to wait a short while if the gallery already has 6 clients in at this time. If you would like to make an appointment, then please contact us by phone or email to confirm a time that works for you. Thank you for your understanding.


12th September - 11th October 2020

Rosanne Barr, Peter Dworok, Jennifer Mackenzie

With each artist enjoying a strong and popular following for their unique works, we bring together three individual and instantly recognisable styles: Rosanne Barr’s evocative, imagined landscapes are drawn from her memory of her experiences in north west Scotland and Orkney; Peter’s atmospheric depictions capture the moodiness and changing light of the highlands and islands of Scotland; and Jennifer’s vibrant, textural still lifes demonstrate her true love for light and colour.


4th July - 6th September 2020

The Summer Show 2020

Our popular annual Mixed Summer Show with a wide variety of different artists’ works being exhibited and offering something for all with different styles, palettes, mediums and price points. We will be continuing to add works online throughout the show, so always something new and different to see. During July, we are also showing a solo exhibition of applied works by Scott Irvine in our upstairs gallery. Scott is known for his beautiful bright, tactile wood and glass sculptures.


30th May - 28th June 2020

Grand Art 2020

An exhibition of up and coming and established artists where all paintings are priced £1,000 or under. A great opportunity for those looking to start their art collection or simply add to an existing collection without breaking the bank. We will also be exhibiting a selection of glass, ceramics, sculpture and jewellery.


25th April - 24th May 2020

Georgina McMaster 'Wildlife Watch' Solo Exhibition

As one of Scotland's foremost wildlife artists, Georgina McMaster is passionate about animals and their importance to the environment. Often choosing to paint those endangered such as bees, birds and the red squirrel to remind us of their plight, Georgina expands on this in this Solo Exhibition 'Wildlife Watch' to also bring in elements of the animal's natural habitat and the effect of the varying seasons.

As this is our first online exhibition, all works for this show will be published online at 10am on Saturday 25th April.


21st March - 19th April 2020

Beth Robertson Fiddes 'Light and Tide' Solo Exhibition

A recent move from Ullapool further north to Elphin in Sutherland has brought me even closer to some of my favourite sources of inspiration. With views of Cul Mor and Sula Bheinn literally on my doorstep and the, sometimes wild coast of Assynt only a short distance away.

I've had the chance to explore lochs, burns and rocky summits that I've never seen before and I feel very lucky to have settled in this special place.

I continue to be captivated by the unique quality of light in the north west highlands and islands no matter what the weather conditions are, there is always something new to find in this special landscape.

From the tranquil rock pools and shorelines of Iona and Eigg to the wild waves of Oldshoremore and Clachtoll, this exhibition reflects my ongoing fascination with the interaction between landscape, water, and the elements.


15th February - 15th March 2020

Brightening Up Winter


30th November 2019 - 2nd January 2020

The Christmas Show 2019

Our annual Christmas mixed show with works by some of our regular artists, as well as introducing some new artists to the gallery for the first time. We will be exhibiting a large variety of different styles and mediums - a chance to treat yourself to a fabulous piece of art, or find that perfect Christmas gift.


26th October - 24th November 2019

Cecilia Cardiff, Marion Drummond, Ryan Mutter

We are delighted to host an exhibition of new paintings from three of Glasgow’s most talented artists
Cecilia Cardiff, Marion Drummond and Ryan Mutter.

With each artist enjoying a strong and popular following for their unique works, we bring together three individual and instantly recognisable styles – Cecilia Cardiff’s vibrant figurative café and bar scenes, Marion Drummond’s still life work which captures beautifully the softness of light on flowers and Ryan Mutter’s gritty, industrial and thought-provoking paintings of days gone by.


21st September - 20th October 2019

John Lowrie Morrison OBE Croftscapes and Flowers

We are thrilled that John Lowrie Morrison O.B.E. (known as 'Jolomo'), one of the UK's best-known and most sought after artists, returns to the Strathearn Gallery in Crieff for a Solo Exhibition this September. 'Croftscapes & Flowers' brings a collection of 60 new paintings by John, inspired by two long-term obsessions- 'Croft Houses,' following a family trip to the Isle of Harris in the 1950s and the painting of flowers reflecting John's 'Still Life' background developed during his time at Hyndland Secondary School and Glasgow School of Art.

John will be in the gallery on the 21st and we hope that you'll be able to join us then to enjoy this amazing collection of works and meet with him to discuss his work.


6th July - 15th September 2019

The 2019 Summer Show


1st - 30th June 2019

Pam Carter - The Seaside

We are delighted to welcome back Pam Carter,one of Scotland's most iconic painters, to the Strathearn Gallery for a solo exhibition of 40 new works.

'The Seaside' captures the light, clear seas and unique landscape of the West Coast of Scotland through Pam's distinctive bright, boldly coloured and instantly recognisable style of painting.


27th April - 26th May 2019

Jackie Henderson and Philip Raskin 2019

We are delighted to feature a large selection of new paintings from two very talented and popular artists, Jackie Henderson and Philip Raskin.

With both artists enjoying a strong following for their work, we bring together their unique, distinctive and instantly recognisable styles - Philip’s dramatic, brooding landscapes inspired by the west coast and Jackie’s contemporary, fresh and thought provoking depictions.


23rd March - 21st April 2019

Grand Art

An exhibition of up and coming and established artists where all paintings are priced £1,000 or under. A great opportunity for those looking to start their art collection or simply add to an existing collection without breaking the bank. We will also be exhibiting a selection of glass, ceramics, sculpture and jewellery.


16th February - 17th March 2019

25th Anniversary Show

It's the gallery's 25th year and we are starting the year with a bang with a large mixed show to celebrate this!


17th November 2018 - 3rd January 2019

the End of Year Show

Our annual end of year show with over 500 pieces of art over being exhibited over 6 weeks - a chance to treat yourself to a striking piece of art, or find that perfect Christmas gift. We will regularly be changing the gallery around with new pieces, so always something different to see.


13th October - 11th November 2018

Ron Lawson - The Grey Light

Celebrating his 40th year of painting, 'the Grey Light' will be Ron’s largest show to date. Travelling back to the Westerns Isles, this collection of works will concentrate more on the landscape rather than being focused entirely on the little isolated houses. The pieces will show the wider landscape and locations in greater detail than before, whilst still also featuring these beautifully remote dwellings.


8th September - 7th October 2018

Jonathan Shearer Highland Journeys

The exhibition Highland Journeys is based on a series of excursions and adventures into the highland wilderness. From the high peaks of the Fisherfield mountains to the remote shoreline of Wester-ross.

Staying in bothies and camping in my tent enabled me to venture deep into some of the remotest regions of the highlands. Sometimes the expeditions involved fording rivers and long arduous climbs up spectacular mountains.

In this exhibition I hope to convey my experience of the wild places and translate the sublime beauty of the mountains,rivers and coastline of a truly spectacular part of the world.


7th July - 2nd September 2018

The Summer Show

Our annual show with over 500 pieces of art being exhibited over 8 weeks. From 7th July to 5th August, we will be exhibiting a solo show of applied works by Scott Irvine in our upstairs gallery.


2nd - 27th June 2018

North Coast Gems - Judith I Bridgland with ceramics by Anne Morrison

One of Scotland’s most vibrant landscape painters, Judith uses bold, vigorous, rhythmical strokes of impasto paint combined with delicate brushwork to give an exciting texture and a sense of abstraction to her work. This vivid collection of works is based on Judith’s travels on the North Coast 500 as she has been inspired by the breath taking variety of astonishing mountains, rugged coastlines, and isolated moorland on the road, as well as Scotland’s heritage and history and this is reflected in her work. Judith’s work will be complemented with works by one of the country’s most gifted ceramicists, Anne Morrison.


28th April - 27th May 2018

Georgina McMaster - All Creatures Great and Small

We are delighted to be exhibiting our 4th solo show of Georgina’s work since taking on the gallery and look forward to welcoming her back to what is always a busy and very popular show.

Georgina is one of the country’s top wildlife artists and no-one can match her bold and expressive animal paintings. Every work captures the colours, character and life of each animal in a way others cannot match meaning Georgina’s work is highly prized among collectors worldwide.

Having had a baby girl in January 2017, Georgina’s recent study trips have been closer to home but that has not restricted the range of animals she has painted. This solo exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to see an eclectic range of Georgina’s most recent work, capturing some wonderful depictions of animals. She has fun with the titles of each painting, sometimes giving them a name that reflects their personality and other times it will be a topical theme, a place or even a title from a song.


24th March - 22nd April 2018

Beth Robertson Fiddes - Wanderings


17th February - 18th March 2018

Beating the Blues


2nd December 2017 - 2nd January 2018

Winter Shades

A mixed exhibition featuring the works of over 60 artists, to celebrate the festive season and the end of the year.


28th October - 26th November 2017

Chris Bushe RSW Feature Show

An exhibition of works by Chris Bushe RSW, alongside a mixed show


23rd September - 22nd October 2017

Jolomo - John Lowrie Morrison OBE 'A Westernlight'

We're thrilled to be hosting our 3rd solo show of John Lowrie Morrison's work during our time at the Strathearn - a true burst of colour and light!


1st July - 17th September 2017

Summer Colours

Our annual Summer exhibition featuring over 150 paintings and many many more pieces of glass, ceramic and sculpture from over 100 of the country's best artists.


27th May - 25th June 2017

Pam Carter 'Island Hopping'

We are delighted that Pam is returning to The Strathearn Gallery for her second solo exhibition with us as owners, based on the majestic colours and light of the Scottish islands.

One of Scotland’s best known and internationally collected artists, Pam’s instantly recognisable style captures the unique light, the turquoise waters and the deep colours of the island skies creating a boldness and brightness in her work that uplifts and inspires.


22nd April - 21st May 2017

Grand Art

An exhibition of new, up and coming and established artists where all paintings are priced under £1,000. A great opportunity for those looking to start their art collection or simply add to an existing collection without breaking the bank....


18th March - 16th April 2017

Georgina McMaster Feature Show, Scotland's Finest

An exhibition featuring the work of Georgina McMaster


11th February - 12th March 2017

Winter Escape

A mixed exhibition of works to start 2017


19th November 2016 - 3rd January 2017

In the Colourful Midwinter

Our end year exhibition 'In the Colourful Midwinter' is a mixed show featuring works from over 50 artists offering a wide variety of styles so something for everyone.

Following a successful year in 2016, we'd like to thank all our clients for supporting the gallery and wish everyone a merry Christmas. We've a great line up of artists for 2017 and look forward to seeing everyone during 2017.


15th October - 13th November 2016

Ron Lawson - Arisaig, Road to the Isles

We're delighted to be exhibiting our first solo show of Ron Lawson's stunning landscapes.'This latest collection of works focuses on the beautiful coastline from Arisaig to Mallaig and the rugged nature of the beaches with their rocky broken coastline, white sand and turquoise water. The islands of Eigg and Rhum are also featured, as the views over these islands are such an awe inspiring sight'. Complementing Ron's work, will be a solo show of sculptures by Scott Irvine.


10th September - 9th October 2016

Claire Harkess RSW - High Arctic

CLICK HERE TO VIEW EXHIBITION CATALOGUE Travelling north of the Arctic Circle,  the exhibition explores the remote wildernesses of Greenland and the Svalbard Archipelago.

Renowned for her watercolour paintings of the natural world, the exhibition focuses on the frozen land and sea and the life that it sustains.


2nd July - 4th September 2016

Summer Days

Our Annual Summer Mixed show 'Summer Days' opens on 2nd July and rund to 4th September - a celebration of art featuring the works from over 50 artists, including, Judith Bridgland, Mary Davidson, John Bell, Georgina McMaster, Jonathan Shearer, Cecelia Cardiff, George Birrell and a feature show of glass artist, Bobbie Coleman's work. A full list of artists can be seen on our exhibition page


28th May - 26th June 2016

Sheila Fowler and Philip Raskin, Texture and Light


23rd April - 22nd May 2016

Marion Drummond and Jonathan Sainsbury - The Song of Spring


19th March - 17th April 2016

Beth Robertson Fiddes North By North West

A collection of new works by Beth Robertson Fiddes inspired by the dramatic North and West coasts of Scotland.


13th February - 13th March 2016

To A New Year

A feature show of recent works by Gordon Wilson, alongside a mixed collection from other artists


17th October 2015 - 3rd January 2016

The Winter Collection

A large mixed show to celebrate the end of the year featuring the works of over 60 artists.


12th September - 11th October 2015

Jolomo - Hebridean Moons

We are thrilled to have John Lowrie Morrison supporting us with a solo show in 2015.


11th July - 6th September 2015

Brightening Up Summer

A large mixed show featuring the works from over 60 artists


6th June - 5th July 2015

Reflections On Art

A 3 person show featuring the works of Mairi Clark, Tommy Fitchet and Kirstie Cohen, complemented with Glass by Bobbie Coleman


25th April - 31st May 2015

Crackling With Colour - Judith I Bridgland, Anne Morrison DA, Emma S. Davis RSW PAI


21st March - 19th April 2015

Georgina S. McMaster Highland Safari

We're delighted to welcome Georgina McMaster back to the gallery for her fourth solo show with the gallery.


14th February - 15th March 2015

21 Years Young

Established in 1994, the Strathearn Gallery is celebrating its 21st Year. We are starting the year with a bang with a large mixed show to celebrate the gallery hitting this milestone birthday. The show will feature works by artists who have supported the gallery over the last 21 years, as well as welcoming some new artists to the gallery for the first time.


18th October 2014 - 4th January 2015

Good Cheer

Celebrating the end of a big year for Scotland, this is a large mixed show, featuring the works of over 50 artists. As this is a longer show, we will be taking works in right up to December. Please come in for a browse, or to treat yourself or get a special gift for Christmas.


13th September - 12th October 2014

Coasts, Castles and the Wilderness

A 3 person show featuring the works of Chris Bushe RSW, George Birrell and Duncan MacLeod RSW.

Complemented by a solo show of applied works by Scott Irvine.


9th August - 7th September 2014

Contrasting Brush Strokes

A 3 person show featuring the works from Claire Harkess RSW, Georgina McMaster and Davy Brown.


5th July - 2nd August 2014

The Summer Collection

A mixed show featuring the works of over 50 artists. A hugely varied, vibrant show featuring works from our regular artists, as well as a number of new painters and applied artists, who are exhibiting with us for the first time.


31st May - 28th June 2014

Pam Carter Island Clusters


26th April - 26th May 2014

Three's Company

3 Person Show with Deborah Phillips, Jennifer Mackenzie and Beth Robertson-Fiddes


22nd March - 21st April 2014

Jonathan Shearer The North Country

We are delighted to welcome Jonathan Shearer back to the gallery for our first solo show of 2014.

Jonathan has produced a fantastic body of works of rugged mountains, dramatic skies and seas and snowy woodland scenes.

We will also be exhibiting a variety of applied works in addition to a mixed show from other artists in our downstairs gallery.


15th February - 15th March 2014

Winter Inspirations

Our first show of 2014 ' Winter Inspirations' opens on Saturday 15th February. This is a mixed show featuring works from a number of our regular artists in addition to some new artists.

We welcome you to escape the winter chill and join us at our opening on the 15th.

We will be updating our website over the next few weeks in the run up to the show, so please look out for new works being added.


14th September - 12th October 2013

Jolomo - A Hebridean Light

A stunning collection of paintings from John Lowrie Morrison - one of Scotland's best loved contemporary artists.


10th August - 8th September 2013

Great and Small - A solo exhibition of paintings by Georgina McMaster

A solo exhibition of paintings by Georgina McMaster.
We are delighted to have Georgina McMaster for our first solo show  'Great and Small'.

'My work to date has been mainly based on animals, in particular Scottish wildlife. With this new collection I will be showcasing for the first time a body of work predominantly painted in oil on canvas. Capturing the character and soul of the animal in their eyes and the softness of the fur on the beast, is what I endeavour to create in my work'.

We are also exhibiting a variety of applied work from other artists in addition to other painters in our downstairs gallery.


1st June - 4th August 2013

New Beginnings

This is our first show ‘New Beginnings’ at the Strathearn Gallery which opens on Saturday 1st June.

We are excited about moving back home to Scotland and beginning this new chapter of our lives with the gallery and hope to continue with and build on everything the Maguires have done over the last 19 years.

Please click on to the headings below to view the exhibition, we hope to see you in the gallery at some point during the show.

Best wishes,
Susan & Scott Bennett


The Strathearn Gallery | 32 West High Street | Crieff | Perthshire | PH7 4DL