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George Birrell

Born and brought up in the west end of Glasgow, George Birrell trained at the Glasgow School of Art between 1967 and 1971. After graduating, he then went on to teach art and design in Scottish schools for the next decade, before turning to paint full time in 1980.

After visiting the East Neuk in Fife for the first time when he was fifteen, George became fascinated by the small fishing villages of this part of Scotland, which were so different to anywhere else that he had experienced before. Hooked, George made it his artistic mission to revisit these villages and he is well known for his characteristic interpretations of their architecture, alleys, and harbours. None of the places that he paints actually exist, but instead his paintings are created from different memories pulled together into one piece.

George works both in oil and mixed media and uses contrasting colours to emphasise line and pattern, as well as monochromes for subtle interpretations of tone, depth and weather conditions. On occasions he has been using these same skills to produce refreshing interpretations of the distinctive light, colour, and pattern typical of the south of France.

George exhibits in galleries throughout the UK and is a regular artist at the Strathearn Gallery.

Aside from his art, George is also a keen musician, owning several guitars as well as playing in a number of bands.

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