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Mhairi McGregor RSW

Born in 1971, Mhairi studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1989 to 1993 gaining a BA Honours in Fine Art.

After winning a number of travel scholarships as an undergraduate student and professional artist (the GSA, the RSA and the RSW), Mhairi developed a love for experiencing different cultures and has lived for extended periods in Paris, Florence, Languedoc, New Mexico and Australia. Her travels still give her stimulus for her works, as well as finding constant inspiration in her native Scotland. She currently lives and works on the outskirts of Glasgow.

Greatly influenced by Barbara Rae and Jenny Robertson, two of her tutors at Glasgow School of Art, Mhairi spends a great deal of time thinking about a piece before starting work on it, with careful consideration for colour and composition and using initial sketches. Once this initial stage is complete, she works quickly, standing up with the canvas laid flat on a table so the paint doesn't slide. 

MhairiÂ’s preferred medium is oil due to its bright colour and variety of surfaces it can produce, whether it be thick textures or thin washes. Mhairi continues to be recognised as an outstanding artist, her works full of vibrancy and layered with complexity and intensity.

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