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Ellie Burton

Ellie studied Art and Design in 2014 at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College. Graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester in 2017 in Designs Crafts where she fell in love with glass and developed a passion for the craft.

'Ever since the first induction into the hot glass workshop, I have fallen in love with the material. I am fascinated by the fluidity of hot glass and the control required to work with it. I particularly enjoy allowing the material to dictate the form of the pieces in a natural way. I also find the effect colour can have on the form of a piece extremely interesting. These pieces have been developed through experimenting with layering different colours both solid, and frit, to see how it affects the final form.'

'I am inspired by the concept of urban decay. The way man made structures become forgotten about and left to Mother Nature to reclaim.'

'I plan to continue exploring the way glass dictates its final form in a natural way, and also how I can further express the reclamation of urban spaces by Mother Nature.'

The Strathearn Gallery | 32 West High Street | Crieff | Perthshire | PH7 4DL