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Connor Garton

After starting his glass career at the age of 17, Conor has predominantly worked at The National Glass Centre and Stuart Wiltshire Glass in the UK and in studios in Australia. He obtained his degree in Glass and Ceramics from the University of Sunderland and currently works full-time as a bespoke glass maker and artist.

Working in a variety of studios over the past five years, Connor learnt and experienced a lot with and from other glass artists and makers in the hot industry. He is inspired by artists such as William Morris, David Reekie, Richard Jolley, Karen Willenbrink-Johnson, and Mark Petrovic.

In his own work, Connor uses the medium and values of hot glass sculpture to create pieces that represent preservation, creation, and remembrance with the additional twist of mythological folklore. Rather than using glass as another semi-robust medium, Connor believes that glass should be used in ways that celebrate its distinctive qualities. His animal sculptures exhibit the co-existence of the traditional and the contemporary, which is an important balance in his work.

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