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Angus Clyne

Angus is a professional woodturner living and working in rural Perthshire. He produces turned wooden bowls, vessels and sculptures using locally sourced native wood, which comes from farms, gardens and local forests, and almost always from windblown trees or trees that have had to be removed because they need to be cleared.

When the wood arrives fresh at his workshop, Angus usually leaves the logs lying outside to age and spalt. Spalted wood has been attacked by fungus and often has spectacular colouring with distinctive black lines running through it. When the wood is dry, the spalting is stable and will not change or fade with sunlight. Some parts of Angus’s work is black and textured, which is generally achieved with a gas blow torch or pyrography machine. After burning, these parts are wire brushed and cut back to reveal the unburnt wood underneath.

Angus had numerous professions before becoming a woodturner, including fisherman, busker, carpenter and chef. He still has many interests outside woodturning and in his free time he is a keen gardener, forager and preserver of wild food as well as a DJ and semiprofessional photographer. All these interests contribute to and influence Angus’s creativity as a woodturner as he continually draw on his surroundings for inspiration.
Angus has been in the Register of Professional Turners since 1999 and he has exhibited widely throughout the UK. His work is included in several public permanent collections including the Shipley Art Gallery and the Scottish Parliament.

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