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Katrin Moye

Katrin Moye is a nationally recognised and much sought after artist-maker of ceramics and works on paper.  

Having begun her career as a producer of decorative wheel thrown functional ware, she has moved on to making larger scale, more complex individual collectors pieces such as platters and jugs in the last two years. This shift in her practice was borne out of a recent period of creative research and development, funded by Arts Council England. 

Katrin's recent work references the intricate, repeating patterns observed in tree and plant life, and her personal recollections of a childhood spent in Germany and England, which in the artist’s memory are entwined with her early reading of books such as Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales,  ‘Heidi’,  and stories by Astrid Lindgren and Alf Proysen. These influences have been combined to create an imaginary, idealised rural landscape populated with folk art creatures, perfect trees, papercut patterns in the style of wooden fretwork and starry, frosty night skies.

'All of my work is made from a 50:50 mix of white earthenware and stoneware clay, wheel thrown or press moulded and hand built, and decorated with coloured slips and underglazes using a variety of methods such as trailing, hand cut paper resist, sponge printing and painting.  It is fired to 1080 degrees in an electric kiln
with a leadless clear glaze.'

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