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Michelle Hall

An award winning wildlife artist, Michelle grew up in Somerset within an artistic family. Being immersed in a creative world from a young age, she soon developed her own artistic identity shaped by her love of animals and the countryside.

After school, she studied for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and Sculpture at the University of the West of England in Bristol, graduating in 2002. She now lives and works in Glastonbury.

Michelle’s figurative style captures the character and movement of her subject matter. In order to create her sculptures, she uses a combination of photography, drawing from life and making experimental models. Constructing her original sculptures using traditional materials such as clay, wax, plaster, she also often incorporates found objects in her work. She firstly creates a mould from her original sculpture and the finished pieces are made from ceramics, bronze and bronze resin from the mould.

"Through my sculptural practice I seek to celebrate natural forms, capturing the vitality, essence and presence of the creatures I depict; a tangible glimpse of the natural world. I hope to covey the importance of the relationship between animals, humans and the environment."

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