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Nancy Turnbull

Nancy Turnbull

Nancy currently lives in Worcestershire, although was born, raised and spent most of her adult life in Scotland. On frequent trips back to Scotland to see friends and family, Nancy searches inspiration at every opportunity, resulting in paintings of various locations; such as Edinburgh in snow, Arran at Easter, summer on Islay and trips to the Fife villages.

She is inspired to paint by the natural world - by changing seasons, odd reflections on a wet beach, wild flowers growing in unusual places, soft shades of green, lilac clouds, lichen on shore rocks. Nancy always has a reason for choosing a particular subject; something that stirs the imagination, something that not everyone would observe. 

"The challenge is to capture that feeling with marks on the canvas, subtle colour combinations and lumps of paint. I work in oils quickly and instinctively with knives, brushes, fingers and rags."

Nancy Turnbull Splash of Colour Elie Beach

Nancy Turnbull

Splash of Colour Elie Beach

Oil on Canvas

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