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Emma Butler-Cole Aiken

Emma is a stained glass artist based in Selkik on the Scottish Borders, moving there recently after many years in Edinburgh.

From 1984-88, Emma studied at Edinburgh College of Art, specialising in
stained glass and graduating with a BA(Hons). She became a self-employed stained glass artist in 1994 and since then Emma has completed over 40 commissions, and exhibits widely whilst occasionally teaching part-time.

In 2002, Emma was elected an Associate of the British Society of Master Glass Painters and since 2007, Emma has been a stained glass consultant to the Church of Scotland Art and Architecture Committee. In September 2011, Emma received a Saltire Society Art and Craft in Architecture Commendation for her window "Dove" in Broxburn Parish Church.

Emma uses the traditional stained glass techniques of painting, staining and etching glass, but also sandblasts and fuses, sometimes combining many techniques in one piece. She uses beautiful handmade sheet glass, especially English Antique Glass, which has particularly fine qualities. Her creative ethos encompasses traditional techniques in combination with contemporary vision.

'Glass intrigues me in many ways – a solid liquid, stunning colours, textures with bubbles and ripples. Working with glass is a privilege and great challenge as I aim to reach beyond obvious solutions to achieve work with long term value and appeal. I enjoy the traditional materials of stained glass: paint, lead, and wonderful handmade glass. Pushing the materials further I often etch, sandblast and fuse giving greater scope of expression. A large proportion of my work is commissioned and often of considerable scale. I enjoy the variety of making small fused glass objects in contrast to this, giving freedom to exploit full, glassy colour without heavy lead lines.'

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