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Mark Haillay

Mark studied ceramics at Loughborough College of Art and Design between 1987-90 and then moved to Edinburgh where he joined the Ceramics Workshop. At college he concentrated on large figurative pieces in stoneware, always trying to push the material to the limits, leading to figures precariously balanced on their extremities; danger with humour! He has since changed to earthenware, high fired to retain the 'ring' when taped, but the colours are brighter.

For the past few years Mark has been concentrating on his production ranges - slip cast clocks and tableware. The slip cast ranges are made in a body called earthenware/semi porcelain also known as vitrified earthenware, taken to 1140oC, decorated with oxides and lustres. The Clowns are hand-built using a grogged stoneware body - white crank, again with oxides and lustres. The clay is very plastic and very strong enabling him to stretch out the shapes with little or no distortion or warpage occuring at the top temperatures. The Bowls are hand built using the slip casting body, with incised drawing and coloured with oxides.Mark has been supplying specialised shops and galleries throughout the country for the past seven years and earlier this year he exhibited at the San Francisco International Gift Fair,which led to contracts with galleries and shops in the U.S. Over the past few years, Mark has missed 'one off' hand built work and now that production lines have been established he intends to put more time into commissions and exhibition pieces.

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